Monday, November 24, 2008


I deleted all posts that had nothing to do with The Kite Runner or World Lit in general. While I encourage you to have your political debates, this is not the space in which to do it. The latest question by Joe Brown is what I am looking for: it is about the novel, it asks your own reaction, and it is relevant. Please limit your discussions to these sorts of topics.

The Management


Drew Brenner said...

I was just wondering if we will still get any credit for answering said deleted posts.

Andrew Cosgrove said...

If I were Amir and saw Hassan getting raped in the ally way, I think I would have stopped the raping. Hassan was being a good friend when he stopped Assef beating on Amir by pulling out his sling shot. Hassan could have seriously been beaten by Assef and share the same fate as Amir but he decided to take that risk and its sad to know that Amir cant return the favor.

tymetrius said...

If I was Amir and seen Hassa getting raped in a ally I would have helped him because he saved Amir from serious being hurt by Assef